Best Colorado Locations for Engagement Photos

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September 15, 2020

I am aften asked where the best places are in Colorado for engagement photos or elopement locations, and here I am going to share just a few of my favorites, and some on my wish list!

There are so many places for epic engagement photography shoots in Colorado, too many to list out quite honestly. Most often I am in Summit County or anywhere in between. To make your decision process easier, I have organized the locations in relation to your investment commitment. We can shoot even outside of Colorado, just let me know your dreams and I can give you a custom quote to make it happen!

Know of a place that should be on here? Let me know!

Mountain Engagement Sessions in Colorado with Melissa Brielle Photography.

These locations are all within my standard “Mountain” engagement sessions without any additional travel fees.

Rye, CO

Gorgeous lake surrounded my aspen trees and a mountain view

Blue Lakes

In Breckenridge. Need a high profile vehicle to get to (about a 10 min rocky road). Views from every angle including mountains and small waterfalls. I always see mountain goats there too! The road is only open is Summer. I havn’t shot there in several years so it is on my bucket list!

Echo Lake

In Idaho Springs. Best time is summer, spring and winter can still be icy and snowy (as pictured). In Summer, the road to Mt. Evans is also open and right next to Echo Lake, which has been on my bucket list to use!

Loveland Pass

Recommend Summer time. High alpine scenery that is breathtaking! With the altitude does come some high alpine wind, so flowy dresses are super fun! I have not been here in a few years and would love to add to my bucket list and get more updated portfolio photos!

Hoosier Pass, Guanella Pass, Kenosha Pass… all the passes

Summit county/surrounding. These passes are not open year round and each have their own unique characteristics!

Evergreen, CO

Cute meadows surrounded by aspens and pines. Smaller mountain views, very popular for fall colors especially.

Boulder, CO

Rocky cliff drop off and mountain views. Close to Chautauqua Park (meadow area and flat iron backdrop) . This location does require a photography permit and will need advance notice to obtain one for our shoot.

Woodland Park

An hour west of Colorado Springs and not a far commute from Denver. Fantastic mountain views without having to drive to Aspen, CO!

Lake Dillon

Breckenridge/Keystone/Frisco areas. Lake with mountain views, water level varies.

Sand Dunes

Pretty self explanatory! Can be windy too so flowy dresses are recommended and can get cold starting October. There is a pretty hefty permit needed to be allowed to shoot there, so you’d need to be really committed for that extra investment!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Not high on my recommendation list, not because the views arent absolutely gorgeous, because they are-It is because its extremely heavy in crows and tourism and it very difficult to park anywhere or just get from point a to point b, they charge per vehicle to go into the park, they charge a photo permit on top of everything else. Lately has been unreliable with closures and covid. Not against it though!

Extended Mountain Engagement Sessions with Melissa Brielle

A larger commitment on time, travel and investment, but SOOOO worth it! Most of these are an additional $50, further distances (like Telluride) please inquire for a custom quote!

Aspen, Colorado

Several options including the top of Aspen ski resort (as pictured), tiny gems like the river or meadows, Maroon Bells, and top of Independence Pass (as pictured #3)

Vail, CO

One of my most popular areas. The Gondola ride to the top is the most scenic, but it does cost $ for the tickets (clearly worth it though as you can see from the photos!). Non-gondola options are Shrine Pass (as pictured #2), Aspen Grove, and Vail Village. A lot of travelers don’t know that Vail is literally a Valley, so those epic mountains views are really only accessible via gondola.

Piney River Ranch is an EPIC place in Vail, but is private property and has a moderately expensive permit fee to use their property, but omg check it out though! (photos coming soon)

Crested Butte

Crusty Butt I like to call it haha. One of my favorite places! Not as crowded as the other mountain towns and has KILLER wildflowers during wildflower season.

Blue Mesa Reservoir

In Gunnison and on my bucket list! Fantastic camp area too if you are campers. One day I dream to get a couple out there on a canoe!

Steamboat Springs

Love Steamboat!!!! Extra distance but is rich in aspen trees, national forest, wildflowers, and mountains! Havn’t been in a while and have on my bucket list to update my portfolio!


My new favorite place! It is very much out of the way and will be a commitment, but is really one of the most special places in my opinion. Some spots here may require a jeep or 4×4 rental to get to the really epic spots, others, are and easy drive down the road. Photos coming soon!

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Meet melissA

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believe in being present in every moment, being authentically and unapologetically yourself. I believe emotions can be felt and remembered forever in photographs, and it should be real, raw, and unfiltered.


experience it yourself ⟶


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