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Early Spring Engagement on top of Aspen, CO | Independence Pass Colorado Photographer

Madi and Chris are getting married next year at PineCreek Cookhouse nestled in the gorgeous mountain meadows of Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is one of the most beautiful locations for a Colorado destination wedding and if you havn’t already looked at the PineCreek Cookhouse, you need to! I love it because is has all the Aspen beauty without all fuss- just imagine your wedding day out in meadow with scenic mountain views and a reception under a white tent. Dreamy right?!

Gable, the most precious baby Viczla, was a recent addition to the family, so it was a must to include him for their engagement photography session at Independence Pass. We were surprised with a snow storm in the middle of our shoot, which I felt really added the moody character in the photos (SWOON!)

Funny story about Gable- Madi lost her diamond in her engagement ring prior to coming out to CO. She let me know they were looking for it so it can be ready for photos. Just about when they were going to give up, Madi sends me an email with a photo of proud Gable, who saved the day and found the diamond! Granted, he was trying to eat it, but that is beside the point!

SO looking forward to their wedding next year!!!

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