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March 18, 2020

FAQ | Facts about Colorado Wedding Photographer | Melissa Brielle Photography

Do you Travel?

Yes! I serve weddings all over the US and am based in Colorado and Arizona (Scottsdale surrounding). I am all over Colorado year round. My hometown is Colorado Springs and honestly, I don’t usually have work within two hours of home for weddings since I am always in the mountains. I am most commonly requested outside of my base in New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Texas destinations and would love to expand more.

California wedding photographer

How many photos do you deliver?

It varies for each wedding of course but generally I would expect 75-100+ images per hour of coverage. I don’t necessarily put a cap on the gallery size, if it is a good photo I am going to give it to you. I do go through and pick out only the best ones from each set and those are the ones that are edited and delivered in your final album!

What do we need to book you?

To book your date we need a signed contract and a paid retainer of 30% of your total package. The remaining will be due 30 days before the wedding.

Do you help with posing?

Of course! No one is models here and I would never just throw you in front of the camera and leave you hanging. I set up all your photos and ensure there is real connection there so the feeling and emotions are all still very real!

Colorado Engagement Session
When will we receive our wedding photos?

You will received your final gallery 6-8 weeks from the wedding date via online gallery.

Timber Ridge Lodge Keystone
Do you photoshop?

Nope! Everything you see in my portfolio is authentic 🙂 I don’t believe in making the sky blue when it wasn’t, or making your venue look anything other than your venue. The only time photoshop is necessary if someone’s eyes are closed in the family photos but other than that, the beauty is all real! Facial blemishes are taken care of with the way I shoot and should be unnoticeable, if you have any concerns contact me!

What is your editing style?

My aesthetic is clean, soft, romantic, and airy. Skin tones and pastels are creamy and dreamy! No trends here, my style will remains classic and timeless forever.

Can I order an album through you?

Yes! You do have the ability to print your own projects, but if you want to have a high quality and design heirloom album without the work, I can do that for you!

Where should I order prints?

Your online gallery is hooked up to a lab should you or family want to order directly there. If you want to order elsewhere, Mpix is a great consumer lab to use.

Do you help with the timeline planning?

Absolutely. I don’t expect you to know how much time I need to meet the needs of your wedding day requests. I actually build the photo schedule with your planner for you, no need to worry!

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