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August 14, 2019

Nicholas and Emily \\ The Manor House Wedding Photography Colorado \\ Romantic Film Wedding Photographer Colorado

From the very first chat I had with Emily and Nicholas about their winter Manor House wedding, I knew it was going to be special! I am obsessed with french everything, so when they told me that was their favorite destination I could tell we had the same taste!

Emily and Nick love books and travel. I admire their wanderlust and habit of losing themselves in a story. They are so perfect together sharing the same passions and feeding off each others energy with it. I couldn’t get enough of their cute faces when they look at each other. Just giddy the entire day!

I believe the Manor House is the place to have a Colorado wedding. I love how classy and clean the entire venue is, and you can’t go wrong with an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Every piece inside is so perfect for photos- especially that library!

We got lucky and missed the bomb cyclone just barely. Two days before the wedding we were hit with a huge snow and ice front that could have caused some terribly travel delays for their families. Fortunately everyone made it!

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