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April 3, 2018

Drake and Kayleigh

Cielo at Castle Pines

Castle Rock, Colorado Wedding

Denver Wedding Photographer

Oh goodness. Where do I begin? This wedding in Castle Rock, CO was held at Cielo at Castle Pines and I loved all of the things. Definitely one of my favorite Denver Wedding venues now!

I should start by saying how much I adore Drake and Kayleigh. They are the sweetest couple, ever. Seriously, look at this!! On my questionnaire I ask my couples to share a little story about how they met in their own words, and this is the cuteness they sent me:

“Call it destiny, or call it being lazy, but somehow Drake had pushed off taking a freshman-level English class until his junior year of college. Kayleigh, in just her second semester of college, sat down on the far left row of desks; just two seats to the left of him. And there they sat for four months. Never daring to speak to one another, but always sharing glances. The following school year, both Kayleigh and Drake felt called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to nations abroad. As Kayleigh casually was scrolling through her email, her friend pointed out the new message in her inbox about the late-added member of her missions team to Fiji. Her friend knew of the secret crush, and couldn’t keep in what she saw. Kayleigh shrieked out of excitement. Meanwhile, across campus, Drake had been scrolling through his Facebook feed, and came across Kayleigh’s status declaring that she was a part of the team he had just joined. His heart raced, and he smiled joyfully. Over the next few months, they sat next to each other at many meeting. Again, not speaking to each other, but still sharing the same glances. As the trip began, they spent their days serving the Lord’s people in Lautoka, Fiji, and their nights growing closer through rich conversation and encouragement in Christ. Drake would spend his days leading Bible study in the local prison, while Kayleigh would tutor remedial students at Lautoka Primary School. They both admired their love for others, and how they shared Christ to those they were serving. By the end of the trip, they both knew without any doubt how they felt. They would not say it to one another, but they would still share those same glances. She returned to Las Vegas, and he to Denver. Both of them felt as if they had missed their chance. But they both trusted the Lord and His perfect plan. Four months had passed. Kayleigh had begun her junior year, but Drake had graduated. They both still had feelings for one another, but would not say it aloud. Which is why it took a text from Drake to spark the romance. And it all began with the magical words: “Do you want to get pizza?” Without hesitation, she said yes.”

Pizza is also the way to my heart, that’s true love <3

They really made my job easy throughout the entire process. Photography is very important to them and they made sure to take the extra steps to make everything beautiful AND relaxed on their wedding day. There are some really key things that they did here that Id like to point out for everyone planning their own wedding!

  1. TIME ! They made time for themselves. They didnt rush through to their day, and even designated extra time to soak in special moments together. Drake was even smart enough to bring a gaming system over to the venue so that he and his groomsmen could play and do their usual before the big “I DO” moments. Instead of cramming all their photo to-do list, they padded their timeline of their wedding and with me so give themselves all that room, and also allowed me more creative space by not being rushed.
  2. PRIVACY! They gave themselves space and privacy. Its always great and fun to have all your best friends and closest family with you while you prepare for one of  the greatest moments of your lives. But its also nice to step away from the crowd and be able to have just a few of those moments privately.  What I loved about Cielo at Castle Pines was that they had two bridal rooms. When it was time for Kayleigh to put on her gown she, her mother and sister, went into the other room with me to photograph. There was much less movement and noise happening and so much more room for emotion during those intimate moments. The reception and dancing area was large and spacious as well. Guests and myself were able to walk around tables, which is always awesome! Especially during dances its nice to have space and get some depth in their photos! Win Win!
  3. LIGHT! Another thing I love about Cielo at Castle Pines was the mass amounts of windows and natural light filling every room. Not only did that make for beautiful photos, but it also brought a lot of positive energy to the entire venue space and everyone in it. Another great choice on Drake and Kayleighs part was the Reception lighting. They had a live band, Chase N the Dream, and they casted beautiful purple and blue lights on the walls-which was so classy! Most DJ’s and some bands cast crazy lighting one the actual dance floor, causing not so pretty effects in photos of people dancing, and also makes it harder for cameras to focus.

I hope every couple planning a wedding can read this and make sure to apply whats important to them as well. It really makes a world of a difference on how you enjoy your wedding day, and also how your memories will forever be preserved. I know Kayleigh and Drake will cherish their wedding day photos!

Thank you both again for letting me be a part of your special day!

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Wedding Photographer | Melissa Brielle Photography

Venue | Cielo at Castle Pines

Gown | The Bridal Collection

Cater | Occasions Catering Denver


  1. Anna says:

    So absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations Kayleigh and Drake on your special day <3 it looked so perfect

  2. Sonja says:

    These are awesome! What a sweet couple, and you captured their day so beautifully!

  3. Sarah says:

    Your photos are sooo beautiful and I love their story too!

  4. Jennifer K says:

    Oh my goodness everything about this just made me smile so deeply from the start to the end! Their story… your story of their story… these absolutely luminous photographs!! Love how you used light as a part of the story and beautifully throughout your compositions. Gorgeous. What a beautiful wedding and couple — congratulations all around!!

  5. Kara says:

    Pretty and timeless images! You’re right – the light is beautiful there.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Melissa!!! These are incredible!!! Your work is absolutely stunning! These detail shots are amazing!! I love watching you grow! You are so talented!

  7. Jolie says:

    I love your light and airy style. What a gorgeous wedding and you captured those special moments perfectly.

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believe in being present in every moment, being authentically and unapologetically yourself. I believe emotions can be felt and remembered forever in photographs, and it should be real, raw, and unfiltered.


experience it yourself ⟶


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