About Melissa

I am a Colorado native and love nature and animals! I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and 4 fur children. We visit Arizona family as much as possible, lucky me I get to enjoy mountains and desert regularly. I like to surround myself with good people and good beer. Some of my hobbies include Crossfit , food (does that count as a hobby?), and working on home improvement projects! 

I am all about authenticity. When my clients see photos of themselves they feel like it captures who they are as both an individual and as a couple. Sessions with me are to capture the essence of YOU, and the love you feel for each other. 
 I travel all over for gorgeous wineries in California, Villas in New York, the Oregon Coast, Mountain weddings, Desert weddings, and even destinations world wide!

Why hire me?

My style is where fine art meets documentary. The goal is to capture your wedding day as it unfolds without being obtrusive, in the most beautiful, and organic form. I use a mixture of digital and film (film as in old school camera and developed negatives) to give my clients the very best of both formats. People are most attracted to my work because how at ease my subjects look in their pictures, and that is because they are! I am a very warm, bubbly person and feel like by the end of our time together we are long lost friends. My welcoming personality puts my clients at ease and allows them to be themselves in front of my camera. 
Friends and clients who have hired me describe me as someone who truly cares about your experience, and your everlasting memories!

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Things i Love



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*Country Music

The real stuff

I don't think it is fair to ask that I be let into your personal relationship, to witness it and feel it and celebrate it with you, if I don't let you into my vulnerability too. I hate fake, so I promise you I am not one of those photographers. I don't have a posh (said in a sarcastically exaggerated tone) life or designer shoes. I don't have a crazy romantic love story. And I don't have any college education  in art or photography. I didn't pick up a camera one day and decided I wanted to be a photographer. I simply always was one. 

What I DO have is a big laugh, a small number of exceptionally good friends, a ton of tattoos, very animated facial expressions, a goofy husband I love the crap out of, and a lifetime of experience being a creative.

My parents, siblings, and myself are not close. And I mean that in a non dramatic way, we just never had that kind of relationship. I spent the majority of my childhood alone daydreaming, often times in the woods or whatever patch of solitude I can find with foliage. I have become an expert daydreamer, which is why being a photographer is so natural to me. With the lack of connection present in  my home life growing up, I am now drawn to connection in others, so weddings is just a given there. I feel my feelings in a very big way, and I tap into other peoples' emotions and feel with them- if you cry I am likely crying too. 

My focus and my connection, is in my work for you. I live for what I do and this will never just be a job for me. I never want to stop feeling emotion in photographs I take, I never want to to stop learning or growing or trying new things, or stop being challenged. I am literally living my dream and am constantly brought to happy tears looking back to when I was wish I was, where I am now.

If you are a good person, who values relationships and being your authentic self, you just found your photographer.

- Violet & Aaron

My experience with Melissa was absolutely incredible! With all the choices to be made throughout wedding planning, Melissa was hands down the best decision!

- Marissa & Jeremy

Melissa has by far exceeded my expectations for a wedding vendor. From the beginning she was kind, polite, professional, helpful, and by the end of our wedding day she easily become a friend and such a special part of our wedding day that we will never forget.

- George & Chauncey

Melissa was vested in the photos just as much if not more than we were. In the end everything turned out amazing and she even got us published in "The Knot" magazine. We will defiantly be a lifetime customer. 

- Tracy

Melissa is awesome and upbeat - She brings a personal touch to everything she does, and it's amazing!

Kind words from some of our favorites . . .