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October 25, 2018

Elegant Manor Wedding | James and Josephine

Willow Ridge Manor

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Jimmy and Josephine

I met Jimmy and Josey earlier this year for an engagement session at the Denver Botanic Gardens for a unique tropical scenery. Jimmy is a bit quiet and reserved, and Josey seems to really balance things out with her radiant personality. It was completely obvious that Jimmy is head over heels over her, so I loved catching the unplanned moments with those sweet glimpses to his fiance. Knowing this, I basically died watching him try SO hard not to lose it while Josey walked down the aisle. The sweetest photos oh my gosh! Take note guys, if your lip is quivering like crazy apparently scrunching your face in while performing small bursting jumps does the trick 😉

Jimmy is an officer in the police force, and Josephine is ex Navy now going to nursing school. They both have such good hearts and determination <3 Josephine is from Ghana, so they had a traditional Ghanaian ceremony the day prior. These lucky ducks got to get married TWICE this weekend haha! I absolutely loved the elegance of this wedding! Jimmy and Josephine were wed this summer at The Manor House, an intimate venue located on the edge of Red Rocks in Colorado. The Ivory and blush details really stood out in every aspect, I couldn’t get enough of that natural light either!

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