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July 25, 2018

Michael and Sarah | Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer


Sarah and Michael

Arrowhead Golf Club Wedding


Arrowhead Golf Course, what a spectacular wedding venue!

It really is something to behold the natural splendor of this place. The Red Rocks near Roxborough park are absolutely breathtaking. I could photograph Colorado weddings here any day! I’ve always had fantastic weddings at Arrowhead. I think the backdrop alone does the job

Add that natural beauty to the authentic love of Sarah and Michael, then you’ve got something spectacular. I was especially touched by how excited and playful Michael was. Like a kid on Christmas morning!  And sweet Sarah, what a beauty! These two were so fun to watch and photograph together!

My favorite part of this day was the dogs! Oh my gosh they were all dressed up and everything!

I might add, that being a Colorado Wedding photographer has it’s challenges. For the most part I am referring to the crazy weather. It RAINED, so hard, right up until the first look (which was stunning by the way).  Luckily I am fairly experienced with needing to improvise due to weather. We were so fortunate that the sun came out for portraits- that light is so dreamy! My feet were soaked the entire day but totally worth it!




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