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May 26, 2017

Are you ready? | Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer

SO….. Are you ready to book your session?

Boudoir photography is more than sexy pictures. It is an empowering, courageous, experience that allows women to to see themselves in a different light for the purpose of knowing that they are beautiful. I am in love with what I do- I get to help women feel confident about themselves and their bodies in whatever size and form they are.

If you are ready to book your session or want to know more about what its like to have a Boudoir Session with Melissa Brielle Photography, here is a Q&A just for you!

1)Where is your studio located? 

My boudoir photography sessions are held in my home studio, located in south Colorado Springs. I shoot with natural light only, and love to use the sweet intimate details of our french-chic space. Lace, faux fur, tufted furniture, and tulle accents make this space truly one fit for a queen!

2) When should we schedule our shoot?

I typically book out 1-3 months in advance and try to schedule us mid morning..

3) Do you provide hair and makeup? 

Yes! We provide the ultimate pampering experience at the studio!


Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer

4) What is the cost of  your sessions, and what does it include?

My sessions start at $450, and include the session in the studio, hair and makeup, lingerie consult, and mimosas!

5) What type of lingerie should I bring? 

Ok ladies, this one is important! Your lingerie sets the entire stage for your boudoir session. You are going to want something that accentuates your figure. No matter what body type you are i recommend something that extends to, or down your torso- be that a body suit, a garter, straps, a long lace bodied bralette, etc. And just as important- texture! Lace, beaded details, straps, you name it! Lastly, you want a black or jewel toned color. Black and white never fails, however if you want color avoid bright colors like the plague! You want a deep teal, emerald, burgundy, royal purple, dark red, or the complete opposite and do white or champagne (ideal for bridal boudoir)! Here is my personal pinterest idea board for your inspiration https://www.pinterest.com/mgabriel719/boudoir-clients-what-to-wear/

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer


6) Do you photoshop?

Well this answer is easy…. NO! My job is to show you how beautiful YOU are. Between my expertise at posing and use of creative lighting, all those imperfections you think you have- I promise you won’t even see/notice it. The girls in my portfolio, yea, they had the same concerns as you. They are of all body types, some are moms too, they were worried about stretch marks and cellulite too. And I think you’d agree with me that they look damn sexy, all without an ounce of photoshop! Our editing process does already help make your skin look glowing and smooth, so we have you covered!

7) How many outfits am I allowed to have?

We recommend at least two.We do a lot of “in the sheets”, topless, and lots of props here at the studio we can do instead of lingerie.


Colorado Springs Boudoir

8) What is the turnaround time? 

I have viewing galleries within 1-2 weeks. At your reveal session you get to pick out your favorites, and from there it takes less than a week to have your fully retouched images!  If you are planning this as a gift for a special someone, allow yourself some extra time to make any books or other orders you plan on doing and have it back in time.

9) Do I have to sign a model release?

Of course not! It is your decision if you’d like to keep these all to yourself. If you decide to share there are multiple options to choose from for a model release. You can always decide after you’ve seen how sexy you are too 😉

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer (6) Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer (6)

11) How do I book my session?!

The session fee is due upfront to book. Payment plans are available as well! Email me at melissabrielle@yahoo.com to get things rolling!


Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer (12)

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer (10)

Colorado Springs Boudoir (6) Colorado Springs Boudoir (6)

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2) Boudoir Colorado Springs (2)

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